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Ever felt the urge to skip the toilet and just pee in the bush, behind the tree, in the flowerbed? Have you ever wondered why we have been so conditioned to hold on to a screaming bladder while we search for the nearest toilet, which could be many minutes away, meanwhile putting certain internal organs through extreme stress? There are public decency laws to respect, and for women there are obvious added complications surrounding the degree of derobing that may be necessary, but we shouldn't be wasting this ultimate homemade fertiliser.

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The beets Surendra Pradhan and Helvi Heinonen-Tanski grew were perfectly lovely: round and hefty; with their skin a rich burgundy; their flavor sweet and faintly earthy, like the dirt from which they came. Unless someone told you, you'd never know the beets were fertilized with human urine. Pradhan and Heinonen-Tanski, environmental scientists at the University of Kuopio in Finland, grew the beets as an experiment in sustainable fertilization.

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The use of properly diluted fresh urine as a nutrient source for house and kitchen garden plants is a safe and effective practice that protects human life and promotes a healthy environment. While all extreme sounding to western culture, this practice has been common place for public works for decades in other countries. Repeat every other time you water your plant s.

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Ostentatiously whizzing on your lawn, refreshing as it might be, may or may not be good for the grass depending on your approach, but we can tell you one thing for sure: It's unlikely to help your reputation with neighbors, postmen, or wandering Girl Scouts. Urine, as it happens, contains a number of beneficial nutrients commonly found in commercial fertilizer. Don't reach for that zipper just yet, though. Urine also has a high salt content, which, as anyone with a dog, a lawn, and insufficient will to keep the two apart will tell you, can draw moisture from plants and leave unsightly dead spots scattered around an otherwise lush, green carpet.

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A study out of Finland has found that plants fertilized with urine performed four times as well as nonfertilized plants and just as well as plants given commercial mineral fertilizer. Urine plus wood ash collected from a wood stove produced as well, yet with the added benefit of reducing the acidity of the soil. The wood ash also adds extra potassium which encourages more fruit.

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I approve of the oval shape of the opening of this funnel— and the sporty color. Fact 1: Human urine is an excellent source of nitrogen for your garden. It can be applied directly to a compost pile, or diluted and used on plants.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. We know that urine can do a plant good.

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Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Dear Stoner: Are growers using pee to fertilize marijuana? Now imagine how much urine it would take to feed the thousands of plants in the commercial grows supplying your pot: Employees would have to chug water all day.

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Green thumb, meet the golden shower. Golden shower, meet Guldkannan Towaa plastic watering can designed explicitly to hold and pour pee. The can addresses a curious, albeit patently gross, fact of the organic-gardening world: Pee makes for excellent fertilizer.

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Believe it or not, human urine contains almost the same ingredients in the same proportions as a bag of fertilizer. Tomatoes thrive with urine as fertilizer. Click for full-size image. That fact makes me want to run outside every time I feel the need and drench my vegetable patch.


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