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America had a collective chuckle when Donald Trump announced his candidacy. The idea of a Trump Administration is no joke. The plot is a model of simplicity: Tramp debates himself there are no other candidates on stage and makes a few absurd statements.

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But when I gleefully popped the VHS into the video player, there seemed to be a distinct lack of a Queen soundtrack and well, there seemed to be quite a lot of sex! Now a good two decades later and the genre has gone from strength to strength. All over Facebook and Twitter fans of Dr Who or Game of Thrones are posting links to the XXX versions with a wink and a giggle; but whose responsible for all of these new parodies?

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My interest with this film started because as a child, I had a huge crush on Freddy Krueger as played by Robert Englund, of course. I was a strange child. I never quite got over the crush, which would make me a stranger adult, I guess.

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In Expert WitnessThe A. Club talks to industry insiders about the actual business of entertainment in hopes of shedding some light on how the pop-culture sausage gets made. But will they get to jam Jigglers before they get the cold shoulder from the Ice Peen? And is making a porn parody harder—no pun intended—than just making a regular porno flick?

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Sign in. Documentary, Talk-Show. Various porn stars answer everyday, and some not everyday, questions about life, music, their career, and more.

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January 19, by Cee. That's why we find models and approach them for interviews and often exclusive or first-look pics rather than just re-post random hot chicks we find on the net. So the other day, my housemate showed me the trailer for a new real-life porn of

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Doctor Who 's mysterious time traveler has been many things. The Oncoming Storm. The Last of the Time Lords.

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Photo by 38db7e54b3ad5. Inthe wanking industry went into meltdown as porn tube sites like YouPorn and RedTube changed the world of smut from a shadowy cash purchase into something that was just a free, guiltless click away. Just like the music industry, porn was battered by viral piracy.

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Lee Roy Myers born in MontrealQuebec [1] is a Canadian pornographic film director, producer, screenwriter, and one of the creators of WoodRocket. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved November 24,

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I mean, nailing it, right out of the gate. First of all, the set is incredible. It looks exactly like the original. Two thumbs up for the porn set designer, the most unsung of true American heroes.


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